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Hair Transplant Training Courses For Physicians (Doctors), Technicians and Nurses

Hair Transplant training courses are picking up steam as the demand for Hair Transplantation is rising Worldwide. Ever higher numbers of Physicians are seeking to get their share of the lucrative Hair transplant procedure pie.

Hair transplant training may seem simple but the nuances and little details are rather daunting and require a steep learning curve to get the best results. Like any other surgical skill hair transplantation also requires an aptitude, dedication and commitment.

No formal hair transplant training courses were available in the past, however quite a few have sprung up in the recent years. The quality, duration and the technical skills taught are variable. Most of the courses do not offer hands on training in Hair transplantation.

At hair transplant training center in Islamabad Pakistan, we offer a comprehensive hair transplant training course. The contents of the course are carefully selected to teach the participants about the core knowledge about hair transplantation.

Hands on training in Hair Transplantation is our most valuable addition. Practicing your newly learned techniques on actual patients under supervision can boost your confidence level very high particularly when you begin to perform the procedure independently.

The course teaches the practical aspects of hair transplant training which includes the hands on component which is rather unique to the course. Most of the other courses are designed to train the participants on dummies rather than the actual patients. There is a big difference in learning on actual patients compared to the dummies.

Training includes the following methods:

FUT or the Strip method of Hair Transplantation Training:
The most commonly practiced technique worldwide is relatively easier to learn provided you have some surgical training. The basic technique can learned very quickly, however experience is the ultimate coach as we all know. Mastering the nuances does take some time—you will get proficient with this technique as long as you have the right attitude and perseverance.

FUE method of Hair Transplantation Training:
The better technique in our opinion has many advantages for the patient. Avoidance of scarring, bleeding, numbness and having less pain with dense and natural looking results are contributing to the popularity of the procedure. Why then all the Hair Transplant surgeons are not using this technique?
The answer lies in the following facts:

  • Requires additional training.
  • Requires more and expensive equipment to be purchased.
  • Surgeon must have steady hands and lots of patience.
  • Takes longer to learn.
  • Takes longer to perform because the surgeon has to harvest all the grafts.

As you have noticed all these disadvantages pertain to the surgeon, the patient benefits however and for that reason more and more patients are demanding FUE hair transplantation. Your practice is incomplete these days unless you learn this technique.

Choi method of Hair Transplantation training:
Choi method is not very popular amongst Hair transplant surgeons. The technique does have some merits though. I know one surgeon who exclusively performs this procedure. He has very good results and he is very fast in the execution of the procedure. Generally most of the surgeons use this technique for specific purposes, particularly if the number of grafts required is small.
Most common uses of the technique is for the following purposes:

  • Eyebrow hair transplantation.
  • Moustache hair transplantation.
  • Eyelashes hair transplantation.
  • Small areas of scalp or pubic area hair transplantation.

Other salient feature of the hair transplant training course in Islamabad Pakistan is the fact that we train you to actually be able to start to your own practice when you get the full training. When you will actually consider starting your practice in Hair Transplantationthen this information will come in handy. We understand that you do not get the experience of years in a five day course, however the hands on experience is extremely valuable.

It is important to remember that all the hair transplant surgeons who are practicing this art today did not learn it by inheritance. All had to actually do their first cases eventually and on their own and hence the learning and further experience.

Consider yourself in the same boat and begin the learning process. You do have the advantage of having available a structured course in hair transplant training, which most of the previous generation did not. We just attended seminars, visited some doctors who were practicing the hair transplantation. Some did teach some of the tricks while others let you watch them and left it at that.

What you will learn during the hair transplant training course are the following main components:

  1. A thorough knowledge of the pertinent anatomy of the scalp.
  2. A systematic way of consulting a patient for hair transplantation so that you cover all the important points.
  3. A method of evaluating patients for hair transplantation so that you can plan in a way to best serve the patient’s needs.
  4. Importance of taking proper pictures of hair transplant patients and how to keep records.
  5. Record keeping in Hair Transplantation is very important both for medico-legal reasons and patient satisfaction. You will get all the forms and learn the best ways to keep both pictorial and written medical records.
  6. Proper dosage of local anesthetics for hair transplantation to keep the patient comfortable and safe.
  7. Proper instrumentation for hair transplantation is the key to success in any hair transplant practice.
  8. How to properly set up a hair transplant room for efficiency and comfort for the doctor, the staff and the patient.
  9. Knowledge of all the pertinent forms required in a hair transplant procedure will save you time and unnecessary headaches.
  10. Medico-legal aspects and proper documentation in hair transplantation and particularly the importance of consent forms for the peace of mind.
  11. Last but not the least is the marketing for hair transplant practice. As more doctors are choosing this venue, the competition is there. The best marketing practices, however will keep you ahead of the game and the competition.

We must emphasize the fact that completion of the course is just the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship for both of us. We will stay in touch, help you whenever you need and keep you updated in the recent advances in hair transplantation.

We literally want you to have successful hair transplant practice. We will guide you through each step of the way from planning a hair transplant practice to successfully building one up to your desired level of professional and financial targets.

For a select few who measure up to our standards we are willing to offer a hair transplant clinic franchise. Various models exist and you are welcome to discuss with us this option.

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